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Roznama Dunya (Dunya Epaper – Newspaper )is a new but most distributed daily paper that is originated from Lahore, the daily paper is possessed by Dunya news which began operation in 2008 while the daily paper itself began distributed in September 2012 under editorial manager boss Mian Aamir Mehmood. Noticeable reporters for the Dunya epaper incorporate well known names like Nazir Naji, Haroon Rashid, Oria Maqbool Jan and so on The daily paper has workplaces in Lahore (Punjab) alongside Karachi (Sindh) and the capital Islamabad to be incorporated.

Everyone search these searches to find daily Dunya news Epaper online: The dunya e paper has head organizations in Lahore (Punjab) together with Karachi (Sindh) and the capital Islamabad to be included. The everyday circulation is expected to go up as Dunya e paper has earned its respect in the range of news media profession and Dunya news e paper. Relating to Editor Mian Aamir Mehmood the slogan and objective of Roznama Dunya will be highlighting the issues of the masses. We might be known for its impartial and neutral revealing and explanations.

Prominent writers and senior media anchor person for the Dunya news include popular Nazir Naji, Haroon Rashid, Kamran Khan, Sohail Ahmad, Aniq ahmed, VASAY Chadhary, Oria Maqbool Jan etc. Daily dunya News is the online version of the Roznama Dunya available in electronic format for national & worldwide people online. The Duniya epaper's Publisher is Mian Amer Mehmood providing now to local & worldwide readers after the prospering launch of Dunya News network. Read Roznama dunya epaper online in Urdu on your desktop & android mobile products now available on Pakistan Times E-papers.

The day by day flow is required to ascend as Dunya has earned its admiration in the field of news coverage and day by day news. As indicated by Editor-in-Chief Mian Amir Mehmood the witticism and point of Epaper dunya will be highlight the issues of the masses. It will be known for its fair-minded and fair-minded reporting and investigations. Read online Dunya epaper here.

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